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Mobile Wash

  • Eco hand wash exterior with a solution of Optimum No Rinse and di-ionized mineral free water
  • Opti-Seal for protection, drying agent
  • Thoroughly brush and vacuum interior, including vents, nooks, and crevices
  • Streak free cleaning of all windows and mirrors, including the tips, inside and out
  • Clean wheels, tires, and wheel wells
  • Dress tires and black out wheel wells
  • Wipe down interior with Optimum’s Protectant Plus
  • Wipe out and clean all door jambs

  • STARTING AT Sedan $60
    STARTING AT Suv/Truck $70
    STARTING AT Van/Big suv $80

    (Add hand applied sealent Opti-Hyper seal for $15 rated at 6+ months)

    Join our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance wash program for a discounted rate! (contact us for more info)

    Exterior Detail

    Includes Mobile Wash & Claying to remove fallout and surface contaminates.

    Then a 3 step compounding and polishing process, with Optimum Hyper Compound and Hyper polish, followed by Optimum Poli-Seal.

    This is perfection work, no hologram swirls are left in the paint.

    This service provides major paint correction, leaving a deep, glossy, well protected finish.

    STARTING AT $300 ($50/hr)

    *depending on the condition of the paint and size of vehicle

    Clay And Wax

    Includes everything with the Mobile Wash, Plus:

  • Claying of the entire vehicles paint to remove fallout and debris embedded in the clear coat
  • Optimum Poli Seal one step wax with micro abrasives, applied with a dual action polisher to remove minor flaws and provide great gloss and protection
    STARTING AT $160.00
  • Interior Detail

    Includes a Mobile Wash, Plus:

  • Carpets and upholstery are cleaned with proper emulsifier and solvents and hot water extracted with an after rinse to return proper Ph level
  • Dry Vapor steam cleaning of all leather, crevices, panels, vents, and door jambs
  • Optimum Protectant Plus is applied to all leather and vinyl surfaces, for a flat finish with UVA and UVB protection, and moisturizers for the leather

    STARTING AT $180.00
  • OCD Package

    Includes Clay & Wax and Interior Detail

    STARTING $275.00

    *depending on the condition of the paint and size of vehicle

    Big Toys

    How about an expert application of high-quality, Carnauba/polymer-blend wax to your Boat or RV?

    We also do maintenance wash downs for RVs and Boats.

    Wash downs start at $1.75 per foot
    Waxing Starts at $20 dollars per linear foot!
    Motorcycle Detailing

    Each motorcycle is different and each owner has different expectation. So my bike details are custom made to meet, and exceed my clients expectations. I can spend 1 hour to 20 hours, depending on the condition and desired results.

    Motorcycle detailing runs $65/hour

    *depending on the condition of the paint and size of vehicle

    Headlight Restoration

    Most modern headlights are made of polypropylene. They are prone to oxidizing, thus dimming the lamps output. Aftermarket replacements are very expensive. We can wetsand and polish your lenses to perfect optical clarity. This process is followed by an application of Opti-Coat for protection better than new! Opti-Coat may also be applied prior to degradation, so you never have to visit this page again.

    Contact for a quote!